FLOW:  A state of consciousness where we experience a task so deeply that it truly becomes enjoyable and satisfying. Most people refer to it as "in the zone".

ARTS: The expression of human creativity.

Flow arts are a creative form of expressing the flow state of mind with your body or props visually. I like to call it moving meditation. Popular forms of flow arts include, but are not limited to; dance, acro, yoga, aerial, juggling, contact juggling, contact staff, dragon staff, double staffs, s staffs (aka buugeng), poi, hooping, orbitals, gloving, diabolo, fans, devil sticks, cyr wheel, rope dart, swords, fire eating, fire breathing, fire bicycling, the list goes on. 

Interested in learning Flow Arts? I offer private lessons and group workshops for hoops, fans and poi. The key to mastering anything is by practicing and having proper guidance. Buy day hoops below!

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