Lustrous Liz

About Me

My name is Elizabeth Steger. I am a Performing Artist specializing in light shows and fire spinning. What I do is commonly known as Flow Arts. Flow arts are a form of creative expression through prop manipulation and dance. I have LED props, fire props, and day props to fit your event's needs. I am located in Central Florida area by the Ocala National Forest. I am available for performances and instruction.  I do travel, keep in mind traveling will make rates higher. I am 21 years old and have 5 years of Flow Arts experience.

How I found Flow Arts:

My performance journey started with cheer leading at a young age. I eventually ventured to other sports once I was in Middle School. I stopped cheering and played Softball and Volleyball all throughout Middle and High School. Once I graduated, I didn't have any sports as an outlet. I started going to concerts and I saw a guy gloving, to me it was dancing with your hands the lights were only a wow factor. I studied his movements and started practicing tuts and finger rolls. I loved the flow to it. After gloving for a few months I found Poi. I had no idea what I was doing with poi, but I had fun playing with them. That is until I found hoops. When I started playing with hoops, I just felt a connection like never before. It was like the plastic circles were and extension of me. Once I started playing with hoops, I started connecting with my poi more. I began to understand planes and grids then it all took off from there. I practice daily and post to social media daily. I am very involved in the Flow Arts Community. I am sponsored by 2 hoop companies, The Good Vibe Guru and Happy Hoops. I am also an ambassador for Astral Hoops. I am a curator for the Infinite Circles Page with over 5.8k followers as well. If you would like to learn how to hoop yourself, I offer private lessons and workshops!