Lustrous Liz

Elizabeth Steger

Performer/ Instructor

Performance Props: LED hoops, day hoops, LED poi, day poi, fire hoop, and fire poi.

Instruction Props: hoops (beginner-advanced) and poi (beginners).

Rates Vary by event.

All Packages can be modified to fit Event's needs.


Multiple Hoop Circus Act (Day Hoops only) 

Double Hoop Act (Day Hoops or LED Hoops) 

Single Hoop Act (Day Hoop, LED Hoop, or Fire Hoop)

ALL The Hoops Package (Starts with Circus Act, Double LED, Single LED, Single Fire) 

Poi Act (Silk Poi, LED Poi or Fire Poi)

ALL The Poi Package (Silk Poi, LED Poi AND Fire Poi)

ALL The LEDS Package (Hoops and Poi)

ALL The Fire Package (Hoop and Poi)

ALL THE PROPS PACKAGE (Starts with Circus Act, Double LED Hoops, Single LED Hoop, LED Poi, Fire Poi, Fire Hoop) 

To book, please email or click "BOOK NOW" in the left column to book on 3rd party site, . I accept Cash, Checks (ONLY if a contract was signed by Client and Performer), PayPal or Wave payments sent by invoice.